Welcome to Mata Leao

Our software is a powerful tool designed specially for Martial Arts Tournaments and Events of any size. With rich set of features you can easily manage all processes required to successfully run an event. Our team is entirely composed of individuals involved in the Martial Arts Community and Events Management which gives us first hand knowledge of what is needed and plays an importat role in the continued improving our services. We strongly believe we can make a difference with your next event. If you want to succeed and grow, do not hesitate to contact us.

Online Registration and Payment

Saves time and eliminates the labour of re-entering all competitors information. There is also the ability to enable a paypal account to receive all payments online!


We do all the Management work for YOU! Our specialist team will gather your needs and do all the work so you can focus more on other aspects of your event.


Have a unique tournament or event? Have a special need? We have ability to customize our software to attend all your needs.

Bracket Generation

if you are running a tournament, let us generate all the brackets. We offer: Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Round Robins.


We offer a variety of scoreboard custom designs for your Martial Arts Tournament. Just connect a computer to a TV and impress your crowd with a beautiful set up.


Are you having a Festival or a Summer Camp or any event that requires an online registration? Look no further! Mata Leao can manage any event!