"It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going."

Mata Leao helps you get there with ease!

Mata Leao - Martial Arts Tournament Management

Online Registration
Saves time and eliminates the labour of re-entering all competitors information.
There is also the ability to enable a paypal account to receive all payments online!

Automated Seeding
The program automatically seeds competitors in the way you want.
You can also use a random seeding to have the bracket filled in a random way where team-mates will not be faced in the first round!

Easy Management
Ability to easily manage events, categories, competitors, backets, results.
You can also export reports to PDF to upload on your website or social media.

Includes powerful tournament scheduler which makes all hard and time consuming scheduling fast and easy.
You can even plan your schedule per mat area!

Supports Round Robin, Single and Double Elimination and a exclusively Split Round Robin!
You can generate brackets in seconds and regenerate them at any time inclusively during your event.

You can customize all tournament info including categories names and levels.
You can also consult our specialists to get a exclusive customization to meet your needs.

Main Services



All-in-One Martial Arts Tournament Management Tool.
Reliable and powerful and still a very frindly easy to use tool.



If you want to succeed on your event, we encorage you to hire our specialist team! We will bring our expertise and help you run your tournament. Our services includes 3 sets of work: Pre-Tournament (registration, brackets, reports), IN Tournament (central table, score keepers, runners), Post-Tournament (results).



We currently have 6 tabletop Portable Scoreboard for rentals.
The user friendly console allows for easy and quick scoring and time keeping allowing spectators to follow the action point for point



Our mats are roll-up mats which offers a fast assembly and yet a very good quality for our athletes.
Currently we offer up to 10 areas of 24 x 24 feet for rental.